Meu presente de Natal =)

Kings Of Edom

Hail the ancient rulers of Edom
Drink the leavings from a broken cup
Enter the Land of Edom
See, Eleven Lords they are
Crowned by thistle crowns
Desert Negev is their abode

I will invoke you
Kings of before
I will unleash you
Pass through the door

And you will follow
When the vessels break
Edom, a Realm of Severity
South of the Dead Sea
In the void of Qamtiel

Mehetabel, daughter to Matreb, Samael
The younger Lilith left the court
(As) An owl at night to the desert
And her Asmodai
(And) All
Kings of Edom

Find a rose in the ruins
A star in the sky
A mirage in the sand dunes
An owl, left it fly

Call forth Alva, Jetet, Magdiel,
Ela, Pinon
Kings of Edom
Roots of Mandragora
And the flower of the
Tree of Knowledge
Tree of Edom.

Oholibama, Iram, Kemaz
Kings of Edom
Kings of Edom
Fallen Samayaza
Bring the fire to the
Kings of Edom
Out of Heaven.

Call forth Teman, Timna and Mibsar
Kings of Edom
Fallen angels
They will break the vessel
And seize powers in the
Realm of Edom, out of Heaven.

And you will follow
When the vessels break.
Edom, a Realm of Severity,
South of Dead Sea
In the void of Qamtiel

Vergonha no Congresso Brasileiro

Encontrei no site Congresso em Foco, a lista com a votação dos parlamentares, a respeito do aumento de 62% do salário. Lamentável ver que dos deputados do Rio de Janeiro, apenas o Chico Alencar (PSOL), Gabeira (PV) e Cida Diogo (PT) votaram contra o aumento. Lamentável!